Welcome to TMHS Cheer

TMHS cheerleaders' primary role is to support the other athletic programs by leading the crowd at games and pep rallies and promoting school spirit overall.

 Kendra Hernandez
Cheer Coach

Juliette Gonzalez
Cheer Coach

Awards This Year at UCA Camp
2nd place in cheer (Varsity)
3rd place in sideline (Varsity)
2nd  place in sideline (JV)
3rd place in camp routine (JV)
10 All-American Cheerleaders
4 pin-it forward recipients
3 UCA invites
2 blue ribbons (Varsity)
2 blue ribbons (JV)
Spirit stick all 3 days
**Tuloso-Midway took home The Banana, which is awarded to schools who are able to demonstrate hard work, leadership, high spirit, and still have fun.**

All-American Cheerleaders
Sciona Gonzalez
Mireya Andrade
Taryn Alvarez
Addie Ruth
Marizabel Rivera
Tatiana Bueno
Kailey Trevino
Meya Williams
Robynn Spencer
Edith Fernandez